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When the 1st 40 families came to these hills, there was nothing but rocks and mud. But they had a dream - to create a Jewish presence in our ancient Land, to build a new, modern dynamic city in the heart of Israel.
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Temporary housing was rolled nto place and the modern-day pioneers began to build a community.
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Soon dozens of new neighborhoods were popping up throughout Ariel.
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Little by little, permanent homes were built.
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New schools were built to meet a growing population's needs.
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And the College of Judea and Samaria.
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Before long there was a full educational system to serve thousands of school-aged children, including day care centers, 30 pre-schools, six schools...
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Industry was developed, providing employment opportunities.
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As Ariel grew, more and more community services developed...
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The beautiful Eshel Hashomron Hotel began to attract tourists from around the world.
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Meeting the needs not only of Ariel residents but those in the surrounding communities as well.
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Thousand of new Russian Immigrants chose to rebuild there lives in Ariel.
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As the barren wasteland turned green and flowered.
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As the city skyline began to form, we knew the dream had come true.
Aut96-Chai16.jpg - 8.5 K golden agers.
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We had created a wonderful community in which to raise a family from tiny tot...
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Ariel, the Capital of Samaria, a good place to call home.

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Message from the Mayor A Word from our Chairman
Ariel "Adopted" by Bible Believers Discrimination Continues
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Ariel's 18th Birthday About Town
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